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Detoxification & body cleansing

  • Digestion Detoxification & Cleansing
  • Raw food & Juicing classes
  • Cellular Detoxification & Cleansing
  • Gentle Heavy Metal removal
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • QFA Analysis & consultation
  • Cardio-check: easy, quick, painless, instant results.
  • Live cell analysis

 These are some of services offered.  Each is unique and specific to each client based on their needs. Some Sauna therapy sessions are also included in certain cleansing programs.


  •  sign up for 5/30 min. sessions or 10/30 min. sessions.

*Burn 600 calories in 30 min.           

*Improve skin tone.          

*Release stress.                  

*Fibromyalgia relief.                       

*Improves acne prone skin.                  

*Heavy metal removal.                                     

*Lymphatic cleansing.      

*Improve blood pressure.                



*Improves skin tone.                        

*Improve inflammation.  

 CALL TO SCHEDULE ! (219) 390-7652 AFFORDABLE PACKAGES ARE AVAILABLE.  Call for more information.   Must have pre-scheduled appointment


Back to Basics: 1 Hour Office Consultation:  Helpful ideas for planning nutritious meals with blood type and metabolic type considered, questions answered about where you want to begin to incorporate healthier lifestyle changes into your "Healthy Smart Living". This allows me to go over your health and dietary lifestyle.
1 hour $40; ½ hour updates $20 (must consist of initial 1 hr. consultation and then monthly update rate applies) These must be pre-scheduled and pre-paid prior to the consultation.

HEALTHY SMART LIVING RAW FOOD & JUICING CLASSES: a 3 hour class for beginners.  Receive hands-on instruction as well as 30 days worth of useful easy to make recipes to embark on adding more raw foods and fresh juices into your daily routine.  Learn how to make your own delicious juices and fresh raw dinner options and much more. 

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHOLE FOOD AND PROCESSED FOOD?  Sign up for our Healthy Smart Living Raw food & Juicing Classes and what you learn will help you improve the choices you make when feeding your bodies!


Cost of Classes $40.00 p/per. (couples or children can be added at $15.00 each) Must Pre-register and pre-pay to book your chair. Call for schedule of next available class sessions. (219) 390-7652 Classes are done every month.    Call and register, classes fill quickly.  No refunds are issued as printing costs and food expenses are ordered accordingly. Our classes are held where stairs must be accessed, so for those who may not be able to navigate stairs, all classes are available on DVD's, and class binders provided for same price as class $40.00, must tell us at time of registration.

"HEALTHY SMART LIVING ANALYSIS":  We offer in office consultations  QFA assessments that allows us to see how your pH, digestion, minerals, adrenal fatigue, hormones,lymphatics,heavy metals are working for you or against you, through your Urine & Saliva. This  includes dietary suggestions, detox suggestions, Supplement suggestions, Far Infrared Sauna therapy sessions are included in this Natural Health Package.


Quantative Fluid Analysis is $110.00 (must hold the 1 hr. manditory consultation prior to the QFA Assessment and 3 Infrared sauna therapy sessions are included) (if you want a personalized  Raw Food Dietary program prepared based on your results $40.00 additional). All are based on your individual & personal body assessment. Brief fast is required.     New Clients 1st appointment (If you'd like dietary routine) would be $190.00

  QFA  Re-assessments for  improvement statis reports $70.00. (This allows you to check your progress and improvements. These are recommended every 3 mos.

***We also offer E-mail consultations that start at $65.00 (includes E-mail communications for 30 days); and 1 hour phone consultations that start at $50.00, This includes consultations for Gaps Diet program.

all E-mail and phone consultations must be pre-paid and scheduled in advance.  We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.  (219) 390-7652


I am also available for speaking engagements:  Speaker fee will be charged please call for specifics: 219-390-7652